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Spooner Meals

Zesty Chicken & Veg Wrap by Spooner Meals

Zesty Chicken & Veg Wrap by Spooner Meals

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Ohhh yes, you can have a meal prepped wrap. Certainly better than takeaway, while you know what you're actually eating and what the nutritionals are here. So no surprises there, while the surprise is a tangy and spicy chicken. 

CALORIES: 430  | PROTEIN: 37  | CARBS: 45 | FATS: 9

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Tastily, Root Kitchen, Delita, Kurami, Field Doctor & Foodhak: £30
Out of the Box: £37.6
Stocked & Mamas Meals: £40
Prep by Gainz: £42.5
Spooner meals: £47

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