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Porcini mushrooms tagliatelle by Delita

Porcini mushrooms tagliatelle by Delita

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A true Italian classic featuring fresh egg pasta accompanied by a beautiful sauce alongside sautéed, porcini mushrooms. Very few ingredients and a very simple process somehow results in an incredible dish. This style of pasta shares a history with ancient Rome, even mentioned by the poet Horace in Satires. 8mm tagliatelle has become the benchmark worldwide for pasta and is recorded as such in Bologna’s, Palazzo della Mercanzia which preserves and protects the traditions of Bolognese cuisine.

Nutrition facts: average values (g) for 100g (Tagliatelle)

Fat: 2.0 / Of which saturated: 0.6 / Carbohydrates: 37.3 / Of which sugars: 0.4 / Protein: 8.6 / Salt: 0.07

Nutrition facts: average values (g) for 100g (Funghi porcini sauce)

Fat: 1.11 / Of which saturated: 0.44 / Carbohydrates: 4.74 / Of which sugars: 2.38 / Protein: 3.87 / Salt: 0.57


Calories per serving: 325 kCal

Total net Weight: 260 g


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Customer Reviews

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Top quality, both the food and service.

Royal Mail made errors but these were rectified in time for us to have a wonderful Italian meal on Valentine.

Thanks, the team very much appreciates it! :)

Abhi from the Marvin's Den team
Reviewed and tried by the Marvin's Den team

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