Meal prep services and ready meals delivery in Belfast

Belfast is a not only the capital of Northern Ireland - it's also great location for ordering food (and we're not talking about unhealthy takeaway!)

Belfast is also known for being a hotspot of gym-goers and working professionals, thus leading to a great demand for prepared meals!

Whether you're a busy professional, a fitness enthusiast or somebody who needs to stick to a certain diet, get the Marvin's Den mobile app and enter the marketplace for ordering meal delivery providers!

There are many meal prep providers and meal delivery companies available which deliver to Belfast and surrounding areas in Antrim!

On the Marvin's Den app, you can order from this wide selection without the need of hours of comparison!

Belfast, Marvin's Den is the app for you: a marketplace with the best healthy, fitness and diet meal delivery companies that deliver to you!

About us

Marvin's Den is an online marketplace for ordering from meal prep and healthy meal delivery providers.

How does it work?

On Marvin's Den you can find, compare and order from providers, meals and meal plans which match your preferences and dietary requirements. Our mission is to make healthy meals as easy to order as unhealthy meals currently are. We do not list takeaway restaurants, but on our marketplace we focus on nutritionally sound chilled or frozen meal delivery providers.

A selection of our tasty meals